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Your customer list, sales history, credit limits, preferred vendors, and other information are necessary resources that your staff need in order to operate. But those same lists also comprise key assets of your company, and those assets need to be protected.

Rz5 models the dual need for accessibility and security with a robust set of security and permission features. Each user logs in with a secure account password, and all activity is tracked and stamped with the time, user, and workstation. Teams can be created and populated with your business groups so that assistants can support their managers without compromising the security of other teams. Each salesperson or sales team has exclusive access to their orders, customers, and contacts.

In the warehouse, permissions can be assigned that determine which agents are allowed to do inventory quantity adjustments, inventory cost adjustments, and changes to other important inventory fields.

In the accounting department, roles can be created for accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking, and other aspects of the financial information flow so that your accounting lead can assign people to individual tasks without giving access to top-level information like the balance sheet, profit & loss, etc.