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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Rz5 cost?

Rz5 pricing is based on the number of system users, modules that will be included, training expectations, and customization needs. Call us at 919.964.0286 and we will generate a detailed project outline and quote for implementing Rz5 at your company.

Is Recognin associated with a distributor?

No; Recognin is an independent company with no ownership or control by any distributor. We opened as a general software company in 2000 and we were introduced to electronic component distribution by customer referrals.

How long does it take to implement Rz5?

Implementation time depends on several factors but in general, a transition to Rz5 takes 4-6 weeks from the initial planning stage through going live.

Can Recognin provide any business references?

Yes; many major electronic component distributors are long-time Recognin customers and would be happy to recommend us. However in order to avoid overwhelming our customers we try to make this one of the final steps in the sales process. We expect that a distributor you know and trust is already a Recognin customer, and we can arrange a recommendation when the time comes.

How can I be sure my information is safe?

Since our founding, our business has been built on working directly with customers and handling their sensitive information. We understand the importance of total confidentiality, and we offer that security to each customer, permanently. We are happy to use your Non-Disclosure Agreement, or to provide our standard one.

What technology stack does Rz5 use?

Rz5 is primarily a thick-client program for Windows workstations, written in Microsoft C#. Rz5 uses the Microsoft SQL Server database engine, and the cloud-based RzWeb interface extends the core Rz functionality using ASP.NET and Microsoft Internet Information Services.